Rise in Revolution


the pain that lingers,
from the moment
of its creation
the havoc unleashed
by the monsters
the status quo

as they plunder,
the resoources
as they murder,
the very own
through hunger
as they neglect
You, the people

no longer
the priority,
Never they cared,
for what
You meant to them
the faces
that will never return
To the mountains
to hear the echoes
of laughter and its peace

Corrupt they are,
to the bones,
Where laments
morality and ethics
in aveneues
of Pakistan

Where languishes
in its residence
the pain
carried to its squalor
the screams
of the unseen

remove them
from their office,
remove them
from your consicience
remove them
from your vote
remove them
from the power
remove them
get removed

Remove them
before they kill
your children
Your destiny
Your future

Dont sing the songs
of revolution,
Remove them
Rise in Revolution


We Are Pakistan

mai pakistani houn


We are Pakistan
In rain,
or sunshine,
In snow
or drifting sands,
We are Pakistan

In the hours
of grief and its pain,
in the moment
of elation or dreams
We are Pakistan

We have seen
The time worst
through floods
and earthquakes
in famine and hunger
We have paid
the price too much
we are Pakistan

We are not
Punjabi or Pathan
or from Sindh
or Balochistan
we will
remain one
We are Pakistan

The unity
will define
us and our lands,
The dreams
will bring
the peace and its songs
in our hears and minds
We are Pakistan!!





A story that is born out of imagination is classic; but the story that is born out of struggle and cause is a legend.


Insafians poster

And we all Insafians are the characters of that story of struggle and it’s cause- the legend. And that will remain in it’s pages for ever- dynamic and alive.

Ode to Karachi- Reclaim Your Right!


******** Ode to Karachi********

Karachi will come out of its silence, gripped in fear where politics becomes the means to control it’s streets and businesses. #Karachi

KARACHI whose streets are ruled and where hearts plays it’s beats gripped in fear and violence will one day scream for its freedom.

In Karachi, when this happens neither the phone calls, or the old associations, or the slogans, or the murderous routines will hold that pain and it’s emotion . It will sweep all those whom have contributed towards its decadence and it’s destabilisation.



#Karachi it’s such a sad and dismal state of affairs where the concept of politics is NOT to serve its inhabitants BUT to hold them hostage.

It’s not the #karachi we remember from our youth and childhood days and not that karachi that carries it’s references in the old literature.

I miss that #Karachi of peace and lights where it’s corners did not produce mutilated bodies and violence but harmony and music.

And it’s that #karachi, that carried the music from its shores to the landscape of snow in the North and to its deserts. It is that I miss

I miss it’s cosmopolitan air; I miss it’s bazaars and shores; I miss it’s colour and love upon that canvas of peace. I miss myself. #Karachi

In Karachi, where I grew up- you tainted it and disgraced it with your politics of hatred and violence, I will reclaim it back one day.

#Karachi that carried my being from its bazaars and noise where ever I went ; the colours of those days upon my skin YOU cannot eradicate.

I miss all thousands who were murdered; the beautiful minds, the young souls, teachers, doctors, and all. It’s you all I miss. #Karachi

These careless whispers
Aimless walks
In your corners
I miss
And you
my murderer
I have not forgotten ……

#karachi where my blood has been spilled; where my livelihood was stolen; where my children have grown in fear; I will reclaim it back.

Karachi where it’s shores had connected the oldest civilisation to the world and you distanced it in your murder and in your violence.

And when I ran under the rainof bullets; and the body of a limbless child blown away it; you will never realise that lament. #Karachi

In London, We Will Walk

drone-march-poster-for-london-protest (1)


The Drone March-23Nov.2013

In London
We will walk
With one voice
On a cold November Day

From Downing Street
To the place known
For freedom
Of speech and liberty

Of symbols it created
of wars & of horror
The monsters Frankenstein
These drones of wars

In a distant land
The suffering huge
The humanity
And it’s trial

In London
we will walk
With All
The old promise
With children of Waziristan

In London
Our voices
From Gomal & Tolchi
The land of Waziristan

In London
You will hear
Not the drones
But screams of Waziristan


When Drones Fly, Children Die

article-2471498-18E7C97D00000578-932_634x446 Rehamn-family-testifying web-drones-2-reuters when_drones_fly_banner-web

When drones fly,
children die
As we hear
screams and sigh

Clicks it’s trigger
the invisible sly
plumes of smoke
in the purple sky

Cannot you hide
we try
Out in the open
We are left to die

Gomal and Tolchi
the rivers dry
As death wanders
In the purple sky

For children of Waziristan
there is no toy
we won’t surrender
To the enemy and it’s try

Moulded into our skins
The fear and it’s fry
In hands, no books
Only shrapnel & it’s cry

Cannot you disown us
Our plight and it’s cry
The wandering nomad
the dreamers eye

The children of Waziristan
For us, there is no toy
Plumes of smoke
In the purple sky

Engulfed in our fear
We often wonder
What happened
To our limitless sky

When drones fly,
Children die
What happened
To our limitless sky

What happened
To our limitless sky
Not a tear left
In our beautiful eye

What happened
To our limitless sky
When drones fly
Children die……..