Political Interventions from Abroad

Sit there in formations with assumption
Our elected representatives by the nation
From principles of awareness and wisdom
To welcome, the return of common sense
Clad in white from stains of their past
As they sigh deep and hollow from days
Gone in rivers of blood and fire, they claim
Crossed we have these roads,
What blood and fire, my friends
The old rhetoric and now the reconciliation
Modes have changed, but remain the same
The way they operate, with indecision
Election of leaders, the task so unfamiliar
And difficult, to practise and to formulate
Where is your structure and where is merit
Or is it just the old will written in haste
Will decide, of what we you are and we
They say we will choose, with arrival
Of an eighteen year old boy,
Or from galleries of commerce and civilization
Not much he knows or the world around him
Only the ways of Pharaohs and dictators
In prevalence, the old modes of power
And they say it’s the party of the people
In strange ways, we have assumed
These principles upon ourselves
Fruits of favouritism and approach
Why is it you cry, my friend?
What is it you have lost, my nation?
From created vacuum and of created confusion
These are our politicians, now willing to work
Lessons well learnt with perfect handshakes
And deals struck, in haste and in fear
Fools you are if you still don’t understand
Only time will tell but not them
The truth, for once in this lifetime
Or next, as this euphoria hits us!


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