Atlanta Trip- Day 1

Day 1 Saturday

It looks like rain will stay here for most of the week for these Atlantians and for us aliens here me and D-gee. Denver crew expected to be here in couple of hours. Shopping malls don’t open till midday. So we have two hours to lounge around.

Looking at the objects in this place and people… TV enclosure is as big as our wooden cupboard in Sheraton. Few crappy paintings on the northern wall, lamps all over the place, and not to forget the bible… Notes in the bathroom reading that we must be careful with water as Atlanta is experiencing water shortage..Water shortage and all this rain- where is this water going! Try telling dgee who spent almost an hour in the shower putting that drought to its paces… And now multiply this by 3 times 6 days. The amount of water he is going to use could very well be a whole month’s of electric supply for a small African nation.

I have a perfect view of nothing but rain, airport and McDonald buildings….

Also visited the gift shop inside Sheraton. Will be posting the perfect view of Atlanta tomorrow-the post card…I have never seen that many Chinese working here in the restaurants.

Efe called me from London, an old friend from Travelport. We spoke for good 20 minutes and then I told him I am in US. He immediately put the phone down and then called again from a different number.

To be continued


4 thoughts on “Atlanta Trip- Day 1

  1. I like your story. Write some more once you get the chance 🙂

    Greetings from Bosnia!


  2. Back in London. I was in Atlanta couple of weeks ago. I am coming back to Chicago and then New York in a month or so.

  3. Thanks Lana…There is definitely more coming on Atlanta trip and the rest. I am writing up a long travelogue piece on Southeren Spain as well.

    Greetings from London to Bosnia,….Bosnia has a very special place inside my heart..I remember that beautiful song ” I have no cannons that roar”…….


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