Ein lamhat kay eihsas aur yeh zanjeer

Uksar yaad aata hai, mausam azadi ka


6 thoughts on “Mausam

  1. ‘Jaisa mood ho waisa manzar hotha hay,
    mausam tau insaan kay andar hotha hay’

    not relevent but I like the verse thats why shared with you …

  2. Nice one Aadil 🙂

    But at times it is these seasons inside which becomes the force and manifestation outside of our struggles and endeavour.

  3. Inshallah very soon. It has been a long time since I last wrote something in Urdu; although its Urdu that gave me the wings of imagination from Umrooo Ayar, Naseem Hijazi, and the other klassics….
    But as Faiz once said that the only reason he doesn’t write in punjabi is that he will never attain those heights as Bullay Shah, Farid etc….so he opted for Urdu…..and I say the same as I may not be able to do the same with Urdu but I will write, which I can perhaps achieve in English.

  4. Great thoughts, kashkin! I’m often questioned by many of my pushto poet friends about the same. To me languages are the tools of expressions and it might sound natural to use your most familier tool to create something yet I find it challenging to practice a not-so-familier tool to achieve your desired end. Practicing a not-so-familier tool will not only help you master it but the creation will be a dear one courtesy the toil it consumes.

  5. No problem Aadil. That is how I have felt it that to write in Urdu, I will end up compromising the creativity and delivery of thoughts…

    keep up the good work

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