On Terrorism, and its definitions

In my humble opinion, an interesting concept to be explored from both in its historical perspective and current definitions being applied by the world. If this concept was to be taken in its traditional and political sense then the concept of “interest” and “conflict” come into play…If It is in the interest of an organization or government to pursue their aims, then that cause and interest will drive them to achieve their goals at all cost provided they have the means available to do so.. For example…afghan war etc…people achieving those goals were mujahids at one time….the interests those people served were foreign and alien to them (common people had no interest or knowledge about the cold war, bipolarized world, space technologies, etc) and the rewards minor but the destruction huge of a civilization and society..And also to note that the connotation that were used were of “local origin and regional.”…The moment those people served their purpose, then the gap created by this ideology and vacuum left had to be filled and for them to fill that gap came another ideology put in place by the players who had exercised the original purpose on behest of their masters and that created a conflict as the people who had served the original purpose with passion and zeal were told that now this is the policy you must policy due to the nature of interest. And this created a kind of conflict as first in the eighties they were told that they were fighting for Islam yet the hidden purpose was of other nature. So a complete shift that took place, and the gaps were filled by the local ideologies and practices…..The impact transported itself into Pakistan as we all know. Now this is the kind of analysis one will hear or read in its traditional sense with varying degrees.

Let’s view it from another angle from a psychological and human level. What do you think happens when someone slaps you? What is that first reaction? If someone slaps me, my first reaction will be of anger and I might slap that person back if I can..This reaction is purely instinctual and does not take into account, most of the time the other aspects…For example if I am slapped, then the first questions in my mind will not be of global policies, rising oil prices, think tanks and their policies, religion, and the list goes on….My first reactions are pure and instinctual. Now if one were to take this further, where a child has seen his whole family being butchered to death in a war, in a bomb attack, etc…Imagine his reaction and that pure rage…..and imagine those situations where to fulfill that rage a child will do whatever he/she can do to rid that rage in whatever means available. That rage will eat that person longer it remains in him/her. And then comes into play all those ideologies, concepts, interests dressed up and disguised to fulfill their interests utilizing that rage…They have now the perfect weapon and its free handed off to them….That person will then become terrorist for some and mujahid for others…Imagine substituting that person, with society, a nation, region and imagine the impacts it would have… This psychological profile of a human at times brings the best out of him/her if guided in a direction which is just and right ; but when there is misguidance and misconceptions and globalised policies are in abundance, then that very rage and anger will create more……


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