Our Responsibilities

The problem remains who is going to initiate “serious efforts” as the concept of self-responsibility and accountability at all levels is absent. And this goes onto one simple thing the way a common person perceives the problem and issues is not necessarily the same for our leaders, elite and feudalistic elements. Until this happens, where transparency of ideas and what is expected of them, we will never get to the situation to enjoy success and democracy. I have always hated this idea of blaming others for our misfortunes and inadequacies in our efforts and understanding of the overall picture. But this is how our psychological profile is to become defensive and negative and push the blame. To blame and shift responsibility is easier to do and maintain rather than objectively analyzing what is gone wrong and how? This simple example clearly illustrates the point that when current governments come in power, the first thing they have to do out of tradition is to blame all on the previous government. This opens up the question of ineffective opposition politically, economically and all levels where positive interaction and input is much needed.

In despair and depression we drown ourselves. We think of West as a threat to us and towards Islam but we constantly forget it is ourselves that presents this threat to West. Our policies, our attitudes and behaviors are clear examples. The day we realize our duties, our conscience as a nation with logic and wisdom, West will understand and move away to newer waters. Until such day, I am afraid we will carry on with all these “blame games”, raising empty protests, meaningless conversations of how great we are and all the rest. To become great and sustain that we must endeavor to find ways and learn.



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