Reply to Amir Mehsud comments on “Waziristan”

My dear friend Amir Mehsud,

Nope I am not gone crazy yet as per your comment. Fully intact and amused to see your reply as you have turned a very humanistic poem into something of an agenda to launch your abuse..fair enough. we all are entitled to our opinions and you equally can demonstrate that power of emotion and logic.

“british created crap called Pakistan”..well there is nothing more I can add to this. You hold onto this belief and all i know that I lost 30 members of my family for this country to come into existence and still to this day I think it was the right decison my ancestors made and all the sacrifice they had to make and hardships to endure.It is easier to be critical but one has to be appreciative as well for what a country may have done us all. At times we feel that it hasnt but we only have to open our eyes…politicians, army and all the triablism and feudalism may have been bad, but people are not bad.  Secondly, I have spent most of my life in those mountains and have known the people and their traditions as that place belong to us all my friend.

This is not a pakistani propaganda poem as it covers the very core human element where oppression and pain settles in. This place is of mine as well in the same way as it is yours. I can describe here all the historical facts and figures but the idea is not to create a mockery of our beliefs and understandings. Either you like or not. and I respect this.

I have always been against those have abused power and responsibility. It goes to all whether punjabi or pashtuns or afhgans, or sindhi and balochs.It is  always the minority element within each faction my friend and i represent none of them.

The poem was to highlight the beauty of that place, its people and their character..highlighting no matter what happens that lands and its people dont give up…not just against the oppression but also the terrain they live with and cope.That can hardly be described as pakistani propaganda poem…In anger and hate one cannot achieve anything, only with reflection and wisdom….and for that, it will take time and sacrfice..healing takes time and I am sure you will heal as well.

So my friend,go in peace….. I respect your comments and sentiment…well lets pray that all those involved in corruption and embezzlement are brought  to justice either in this life or next be it pubjabi, afghans, pushtuns, you or me…I am all up for it to face the consquences of my actions and I hope next time you be more effective in relaying your opinion across.

and thanks for your comments “get a life”.It so very kind of you. Exchanging insults and indecencies is not what I do..I can do it, but then there is a difference..I forget my own pain and abuse and always remember to see it from where it is coming from…being hurt is one thing and controlling the anger is another.

It is amazing that you hate Pakistan with such vigour and passion and yet you  decided to comment upon my poem on pakteahouse. The very existence of Pakistan you hate is still binded to us all as child is in the womb to its mother. Let that anger wither and think as we all are the reflections of the same place…It is up to us how we take this country forward towards progression and peace.




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