Reply to Dr Raza Haider

Dr Saab,
Gul Raiz saab is referring to Zardari as Schizophrenic as a manifestation of his political behaviour and it is more than enough for someone to have an opinion as Gul Razi did and by the way as you suggest judiciary is not a minor issue, it may appear to you or Zardari in your perceptions but in reality it is different…The whole nation is sick and tired of all these issues..To Zardari and many others the issues of electricity, water shortages and all the rest may appear minor, but not to us who are the citizens of Pakistan. I am sorry but this is the blunt reality. If politicians cannot assess these risks, cannot generate momentum in their thoughts and implementation of these ideas, then i am afraid they should not be in this business….we can hide behind all the beautiful disguises created by words and its metaphors, but try telling these to millions of Pakistanis every time they raise themselves and hopes that their politicians will do something, they get a kick back in their teeth…If these people including Zardari cannot deal with these things, then we dont need them,…simple as that….



4 thoughts on “Reply to Dr Raza Haider

  1. Education changes fate the of is exactly
    what prevents a man/woman from killing hundred
    at the expence of their own life.that why i dont believe democracy pakistan in pakistan…..

  2. Education changes fate of the nation.It is exactly what prevents a man/woman from killing hundred at the expense of their own life . that’s why i don’t believe democracy in Pakistan …………….

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