Words – Hubris and Nemesis

Potions of magic or poison,
As we deliberate in our worlds
The old questions
Of thoughts and its mechanics

As it leaves our souls,
For some; it’s magic
For others; its poison
Gather they all to see
Its effect, in a distant time

The old teacher,
In the streets of Athens
For wisdom and knowledge
The chosen wanderings
The pronounced price

As they turn into whispers
As whispers turn into rumors
Here come the perceptions
Here comes the judgment
Blanket of fire, in view
These words, alone claim
Of what we understand,
Of what we don’t

The old journey to find its place
Of its Hubris and of its Nemesis
As he drinks the poison
The old Socrates
No antidote available,
Just silence and observation!


This poem resulted from conversation on topics kicked off by Nadeen (Words) and Ayesha (We can’t be friends). So my acknowledgement to them from creating those conversation and then came the words and its effect.


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