Eee-See-Gee (ECG)

In abundance, this pain
Unbearable and intolerable
All here for you to see
What is left of our remains?
Our grandeur and purity
Here you will find it all
To your heart’s desire
Here you will find it all
For what we have created
Our squalor, of misery and despair
Chosen we have a dwelling
From all what we have done
Our deeds and our actions
Residents, our rotten souls.

In abundance,
As we fall apart
In this culture of gang rape
As we kill our daughters
As we kill our sisters
As we beat them to death
Blue and naked,
As we appoint ourselves
To serve justice, to serve peace

In abundance
As we take
Law in our own hands,
Killing minorities,
For reasons unknown
We say its blasphemy
The motives personal
As we appoint ourselves
To serve justice and peace
As we commit crimes
In their names

In abundance
As we bring shame
To all what we were taught
To our mothers
What is it we gain?
Those moments
Of pleasure and lust
The emptiness speaks
In volumes, in its horrors
Of our darkened souls

In abundance
As takes place,
As it goes unnoticed
Children and abduction
For slavery and begging
As we break
Their limbs and souls
In our veins,
Travels not blood
Only indifference

In abundance,
As we offer,
Our children on sale,
To serve this need
Of hunger and shortage
The old reasons
In the corner, only tears

As we suffer
In abundance
The shortages
Of water and wheat
As we suffer
In abundance
For electricity
Pronounce they
All those projects
Dead and gone
Say they “no consensus”
Available by us all
In the corner, our dry land

In abundance,
As we fall
From those bridges
Golden and bloody
On the rise,
The suicides
In the corner,
The empty pots

In abundance,
Our politicians
Noble aims, to serve us
Their words and actions
In abundance
Empty words and promise
In the corner
This frail sixty year old nation

In abundance,
The new media
Churning out the image
What they know and not
In the corner, the old picture
Of missing peoples

In abundance
The corruption
Our ethics and morals
Our education and knowledge
In emptiness we find
Our institutions,
So much indifference,
They call themselves
Servants of the nation
In the corner, the long queues

As trumpets are blown
Of our mechanics and demise
In this land of pure,
Remember, o forgetful spirit
We be asked of our responsibility
We be asked of our actions
No more prophets will come
To bring peace and guidance
Of humanity and peace,
Remember O forgetful spirit
No more prophets will come
You have all you need,
Understand those verses
Of Quran and its message
Of peace and guidance
Still time left, but not far
When trumpets will be blown
Remember O forgetful spirit
Your time will come, awaits us
Not doors of heaven,
But gates of hell, as you depart

Little time we have,
Not far, this hour of reckoning
Will we ever change?
In abundance,
What we have created
Our conscience stained
Lambs we are, on our way
To the slaughter, to abattoir
We must change, we must change
Only the hope, weak and forlorn
Like whispers, in our empty souls
As we find ourselves in cardiac arrest
All lines were there once,
All traces were there once
Of our morals, ethics and purity
No lines, no trace, all gone……….
Blinkering dots, switch off
No longer the need for ECG!



10 thoughts on “Eee-See-Gee (ECG)

  1. We need some positve thinkers and really tough & responsible DO-ERS insead of THE ABUNDANCE of polished TALK-ERS to make a difference in society!

  2. A very thoughtful diagnosis of our collective ailments! Very true that we haven’t left much time to mend our ways lest we’re doomed.
    Keep it up, poetry with positivity!

  3. “Little time we have,
    Not far, this hour of reckoning
    Will we ever change?”

    Laazim hae kay hum dekhain gae….

    hum dekhain gay
    jab zulam-o-sitam kay kooh-e-garan
    Rooi ki tarhan urr jain gay
    ham mehkoomoo kay paoo talay
    yah dharty dhar dhar dharky gee
    or ahl-e-hukam kay sar oopar jab bijli karh karh karkay gee
    lazim hai kay hum bhee dekhain gay

    but for that..

    “We must change, we must change”

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