On Democracy: The choices we have to make

Who said politics is a noble profession. I don’t think it was mentioned for us as a nation or as a society as it clearly dictates in our attitudes and behavior that we are not politically matured and secondly no notion of integrity and honesty in what we do and how we do it. Every day I hear meaningless conversation by our politicians, far removed from the plight of a common man’s problem and lack of any skills which can enable them to understand its perception.

Our Prime Ministers, current and former, our ministers from the previous and current governments, our retired army generals who have become the analysts, our media, everyone wanting to present and paint the picture but there is a serious problem. The words they say somehow or no longer can motivate and inspire this nation from the depth of its problems. All those issues surrounding judiciary, of electricity and water, of hunger and poverty have taken Pakistan into despair and anger.

For every opportunity that arises to discuss this but we do not notice as we rather waste our time on debates and dialogues on our personal differences instead of removing confusion and guiding and inspiring this nation to do something with their lives..

We all have our opinions on the beauty of democracy and how we perceive this notion in reality. However, our politicians fail to persuade or understand themselves that they too will have to go through this painful experience and monster of a task to have some structure in place which can facilitate that process whereby common man’s view will be heard and acted upon. If we don’t have that structure in place then I am afraid we can carry on debating pros n cons endlessly but we won’t be able to achieve anything as all the underlying functions will not be there to present an opinion and then to take that opinion and turn into something beautiful which we call democracy. Let me also add that to get to this level of democracy, western world spent almost 500 years through wars n conspiracies to arrive at its current form which we all call democracy. Even still it’s not perfect but enough for us to believe as it safeguards something. We in Pakistan have that gap to fill as we go through its evolutionary stages. In last century alone Europe lost almost 100 million people to arrive at this concept that wars don’t solve much and all the added problems.

Now let me bring an example of this beautiful democracy in its practice. These current wars in Iraq n Afghanistan. People did not want these wars but their governments did and proceeded with it. London alone saw one of the biggest antiwar demonstrations from people from all walks of life but did their voices and views ever taken into consideration by the government here. The answer is no. So what happened, I guess that beautiful democracy was asleep that day or have been asleep for last couple of years.

We need to sort out these self created differences. To provide that structure and forum n unity based on principles with logic and wisdom to bring all together our politicians must work hard, prepare themselves, research and then deliver. Whether it’s a policy which needs to be implemented or infrastructure projects, they must be prepared to work and understand what it will bring. China created the biggest dam in the world, Yangzee and for this to happen they had to create accommodation, build cities for its displaced citizens, and completed the project in time…This project was to cope with their growing requirements and challenges posed by their energy needs. What we have is that we are good at initiating projects but never get to finish it as all this becomes a political problem for our politicians. I hear them say “well we cannot get a consensus between the four provinces on kalabagh dam”.Well, my friends; this is your job to get that consensus as the chosen and elected representatives.

I will finish it off with an example. If I m thirsty, what will I need to make sure that my thirst is fulfilled. I will obviously require water and a glass.

Democracy is a thirst my friends, and for us to get there we need to have those ingredients in place in a similar way as you will need glass and water. That glass n water is a structure n building a team. Once that done, u can have all what your heart desires as a nation in terms of progression and prosperity.

But it is our political and moral corruption, our weaknesses in our veins that we have become so corrupt in our ways that it is beyond comprehension.

It is time to decide what we need to do? Do we need to follow paths of progression and towards civilized and just society or to carry on making a mockery of ourselves as a nation?

Democracy is good if we accept all its stages and if we know what it will take us to be there, otherwise it will remain a concept, a concept talked about on media channels, in our drawing room conversations, on roads, in buses, wherever we find ourselves in all those places…It’s about time to eradicate this pain and misery of nation rather than working around it.


9 thoughts on “On Democracy: The choices we have to make

  1. I believe we are democratic already to some extent in the realization that we are free to comment on anything we like – That is a change – As for the political angle on the subject – I have always found all politicians to be more interested in forwarding causes that benefit them personally – so what can I say – I suppose thats the trend of the day in politics all over – Do what best suits your own personal interests – Sorry to say, everyone is included in that – History has proof on this as well –

    So, what do I do? I just don’t vote anymore!

  2. Free to comment is one thing but whether those comments are appreciated and taken on board is a completely another thing. I agree politicians of our regions and even in the West pursue their own goals but it needs to change otherwise all that talk of change, freedom, justice becomes meaningless..It may suit us individually but when it comes to nations, its nothing but despair.
    History has proof of people who violated everything but history also has a proof who did something for their people and nations….for instance, Iqbal, Jinnah, Rahmat Ali and all those people who gave up everything for a single cause..It is those people history remembers and others are simply there for us to learn and not to repeat mistakes..

    But one must vote…

    Morning to you my friend

  3. For to to be used right, you will have to see its abuse by whom you consider your vote worthy;
    In London people got rid of the mayor Ken Lvingstone as they were so sick and tired of the labour. The person they brought was not necessarily a saint either, but enough to safeguard their concerns

    But casting vote is a subjective. No soul, can convince you if you are not convinced yourself…Therefore, I respect your opinion.

    Raining here pretty badly again..I think summer in UK is almost gone..

  4. I am in full agreement of your point about the ‘time’ it takes for democracy to evolove. We shouldn’t expect Pakistan to turn into a real democratic state overnight from the clutches of a long dictatoral rule. Besides we ought to have well educated masses with the required level of collective perserverance to practice and groom democratic cultures in their tiny micro levels. Another related issue is that of our economy. Unless and untill a common man feels himself relieved from the vicious circle of poverty; from the worries of making the ends meet, he woudn’t have time to positively participate in state activities and ponder the performance of government. In the absence of the aforementioned phenomena, an oppressed common man will either vent his frustration by taking the laws into his hands or will turn into a neurotic committing suicide as we are witnessing in todays Pakistan.


  5. That was a very good write up. At times this deabte about democracy irks me a lot. I know only one thing that majority of people (the decision makers, implementers) will have to be honest for this country to progress. That is one point then as you mentioned public consensus should be taken into account. Media can play a very powerful role. I believe the judge’s issue could have died down if the media had not highlited it.

    In case of Paksitan, US virtually dictates policies. We have to be that strong, economically, morally and democratically to withstand US pressure.

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