Miriam Wanjiku Ndungu

In the old town of Nyeri
There exists a story
Of a woman and her life
In a small house where lives
The whole world and its refuge
The occupants from all corners
As oppression grew and violence flared
Still remains the hope, to learn
From all what we can, as she goes
The whole world shrunk in her heart
The old radiance and her smile
From the corner of her eyes, untamed!



8 thoughts on “Miriam Wanjiku Ndungu

  1. Sounds like one of the wise old ladies who are instrumental in shaping society – being mothers and housewives – but are granted no recognition – or acceptance!

  2. Ayesha,
    Miriam story was on BBC, a short snipet but of huge significance to what she did.

    “James Mburu Muiruri’s family was forced to flee the western Kenyan town of Burnt
    Forest earlier this year following political clashes, which left some 1,500 people dead.

    Along with a number of other families from the Kikuyu community of President Mwai Kibaki, they
    found shelter at the home of Miriam Wanjiku Ndungu in the mainly Kikuyu town of Nyeri.

    Her small, two-bedroom house became a refuge for as many as 80 people during the violence,
    including an aunt she had not seen for more than 30 years. “

  3. Nadeen,
    Thanks, Yes you are right. Its a story of humans which are granted no recognition or acceptance”…spot on..

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