Do not be troubled

This poem ” Do not be troubled” came as a result of me commenting upon Aadil’s last post on chowk”Yes, Life’s is like that!”. I just wanted to write ” do not be troubled my friend, and then click “submit”. But then came the mutiny of mind and its thoughts.

Do not be troubled my friend,
Amidst chaos and uncertainty
As trouble alone cannot bring,
The beautiful mind and its mnemonics
To stop, as it knows no other way
But to create, to sustain
The mechanics of life and its machine
As pain too has its purpose,
To see what others cannot in elation
The grand purpose, of what we are
Where we belong, in all our forms
As pain too has its forms
To see what we are not, to appreciate
What cannot be unearthed and known?
Of what lies beyond, in our dreams
Fight not with yourselves but ponder
Let it irk your conscience but reflect
Only then you will begin to understand
The purpose of what you see and hear
Of what you write and remember
Question we all for answers, in time
As lies there the cities but only the signs
As we travel in our sight only the distance
Too long this road, too hard this journey
Like haphazard steps of a little child
The signature of a ballet, the sings of a song
Remember the old heart, remember the old Sufis
It’s not the walk or the fire, but the fear inside
As they let go themselves, to find themselves
As the heart begins to hear, what the mind cannot
Lies there the answer, to the question you ask
As the journeys begin on the old silk route,
The caravans and its inhabitants, in view
Not known to them, the effect, of their endeavors
Of beautiful civilization, of beautiful future
Do not be troubled my friend,
Let this life discover you, in its rhythm and music!


6 thoughts on “Do not be troubled

  1. Beautiful poem K! And how true these lines are…

    As pain too has its purpose,
    To see what others cannot in elation

  2. I’m amazed at the spontaneousness of your ideas!
    Its gorgeous and I’ll try to learn a thing or two from the poem.
    So many thanks for your thoughtful comments on my post!

    Go well!

  3. Thanks Ayesha, Aadil and Dfrucci.
    words and its effect are like opium for the mind; at times it soothes and at times it irks..But no matter what, one must practise this art, as its the most beautiful form of expression.

    Thank you again for all your comments and kind words.

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