Insaan kee Kaha’nee

Ein lamha’t kee
yeh bunyee houveee chad’ur
Jo kabhee us kay hain
aur kabee meray
Uksar pehan letay hay hum,
Bikharnay sey pehlay,
tootnay kay baad
Jesay Milan ke chahat,
Jesay garmee ke chubban
Jesay chup jatay hein sitary
din key azhar kay baad
Muskaratee howee,
dheeray se kah-tee hain
Jaysay dour say iffsaanay
upnay laghtay hein
Inheee kawashain mein
uksar guzartay hein
Yeh lamhat –e-insaani,
yeh zaban-e-zamana!



7 thoughts on “Insaan kee Kaha’nee

  1. Well done! your urdu poetry is quite touching as well … I liked the words like din ka izhaar, lamhat-e-insaani, zaban-e-zamana …

    Aur la saqiya!

  2. Nice – it looks good on your pages – keep writing new stuff – change is good for the soul in writing styles at least!

  3. Thanks Aadil and Nadeen
    Aadil I used to write a lot of poetry but I dont know why I got bored of it writing it in Urdu..I guess we go back to the same conversations few week ago

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