Dreams Have No Distance

“This poem came resulting from conversation with Kaptain on Pakistan”

If we were there in its past,
Then the future will hold keys
For those homes we created
From words wrought in silence
Misery dispelled like alien spirits
In moments of time,
In fortunes of existence

See you will our names,
Carved out in wood and marble
Of all that we spilled,
Our blood and thoughts
Those beautiful sighs
In those hours of need
In creation, those thoughts
Stands there test of time
As they pick up the papers
In there you will see crumbled up
Names and deeds, all performed

Revolutions arrive in moments defined
In our destiny, in our fate
This spiral effect of time
Never will you be forgotten
My heart, my traveler
In these days of havoc and uncertainty
As this euphoria kicks in our heals
Travel with me, as dreams have no distance!



2 thoughts on “Dreams Have No Distance

  1. You know – being an optimist, you wish the nation well – If only the trend would catch on – We need more patriots genuinely interested in actually doing something substantial for the country!

  2. and for those patriots all the options are open. they just need to take that first step; all the other steps will themselves form to create harmony and cohesion.

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