Where Am I From

Where am I from?
As this air breathed into us
Like love, and in its places
That contains- in entirety
The old deserts and mountains
Strange are these places,
In its character – beautiful
As our gaze begins to fill the sky
As the star begins to roll in their mist
From its glory and old pact

Ponder they all,
The old outcomes
An old urge to reach
So here I belong,
In its deserts and mountains
From years of my association,
From years of my remains
It’s there, I remain,
As these snows begins to melt
To places we have seen
in there, somewhere, I remain,
Far from the distant sky
They say I belong to all,
No matter where I am,
Often I am asked,
In you my friends,
In drawn lines and fabricated wars!



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