Jub yeh manzil hay eik
Rasatay aur un ka taeyun
Jub yeh hei eik haqeequt
Phir yeh sargousiahn hay kyoun

Jub yeh hai eik zindagi
Phir yeh tasalsal hei kyoun
Jub yeh chehrah hai eik
Phir yeh itney rukh hei kyoun

Jub yeh insaan he eik
Pher yeh tafreeq hey kyoun
Jub yeh hai eik khuda
Phir itnay boout hey kyoun

Jub yeh hai eik mulk
Phir yeh itnee nufrat kyoun
Jub eik hai hum, tum aur mei
Pher yeh itna tafreeq hey kyoun

Jub yeh hai eik gulistan
Phir yeh waryianian hay kyoun



4 thoughts on “KYOUN

  1. If only we could solve this mystery – It reminds me of the song – Ye jo raastay hain judaa judaa yeh muamala koi aur hai.

  2. Nice work K!

    My mind is also full of such questions. Why? Kyoun? Walay?

    Why are we so divided? Why are we like that? Ah! No answer. May be we don’t follow the simple rule of honesty.

  3. Or MAYBE we dont want to have Pakistan as a whole – we want provincial differences – look at USA – how many races live there – they all say – I am american to the outside world – even Indians claim to be indians abroad – we say – hi I am punjabi, or pathan, or sindhi or even balochi – That is why centre is so weak – there is no back up from the five arms.

  4. hi,

    A very thoughtful poem that you wrote. Simply awsome!

    Why are we divided? May be, because that is ultimately what we want! It is YOU, it is ME, who want to be divided. The answer is within ourselves! If WE do not divide people (let it be the countrymen or be within our family), how can WE get the power that each one wants!

    Inte butt kyun? All of us want to get maximum power. If possible, any one of us would like to be GOD. Answer is, as I said, within ourselves. Ultimately, I am responsible for that – You are responsible for that.

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