Hassab (Urdu Poem)

Mang-tay hein hur lufz
Aur woh sarey ishsas
Hassab, un dinow ka
Un tamam qurbanioun ka
Eik pahalee kee terah
Un guzray dinow ke tarah
Aaj ein rasataoin pur
Jahan hum karey hain
Mangtay hein hassab
Un guzray howe lumhat kay
Jesay dewarayan dakhtee hein
Unginat hathoun ko,
Teemar sey pehlay aur baad
Apnee shinakh-ath kay liyee!



5 thoughts on “Hassab (Urdu Poem)

  1. nice, be remember our next generation will ask for ‘hassab’ to us. So we must realize our responsibilites.

  2. I am scared of being asked by next generation that what did we do for our country.

    Nice poem K!

  3. The older generation will never respond as they will shift the blame on their previous generation.The best way forward is not to blame anyone, and start what we can do as individuals..

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