The Cosmic Encounter

Reveal these pages of science
An old story, an old yearning
Of our existence as believed or shown
From one element to another,
In conflict as one wonders in distance
The old skyline, brings me the beauty
Of what we create in haste or trade
As we ponder, through our creation
Of distant years, of another life,

Reveal these stories of fiction,
An old affixation with magic and prose
Of where we all came from
And old yearning, of you and me
Some buried in stars and some to form
As the time and space, in its eternal dance!



5 thoughts on “The Cosmic Encounter

  1. Universe and it’s mysteries fascinate me.

    Where have we come from and where will we go… I always ask this question.

    Good work!

  2. I liked to believe as a child that I am an alien – left here to save the earth – SUPER MOM – LOL!!!

    I am wierd I suppose – Is that human?:P

    On a serious note – Good imagery of the universe and its complexities – This poem can also have a subtitle:-

    A view from my telescope!

  3. Thanks Ayesha and Nadeen

    Ayesha we all ask these questions. I remember seeing a beautiful painting by French artist ” Paul Gaughin” with a title – ” who we are, where we are, where we will go”…

    If you ever get a chance see that……

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