My old friends from past
As caravans being to embark
Arrive they in late hours,
No invitation for them,
Obstinate and defiant
In their ways, these friends
Not an obstruction or word of anger
As these riots begin
Like the colour out of turmoil
Of told delicious summer
Of apples and skies

As thoughts turn you in
This intoxicated truth,
Drink it all night, my friend
Lessen it will, your pain
But remember, it cannot remove
The old stamps of time
Drink I words all night,
Fetch me they thoughts
As I become the story
In glasses of reflection
Of their own, and mine

As we become one, and fall
An age old dilemma,
Through these nights
Lives inside me, like worms
Inside earth, oh such long wait
As they sparkle in elation,
As they grieve, in separation
Never will you remind us,
Of parting, never the peace
Dressed up in full armor

At times, as one wonders
In this old time and space,
Through these nights,
As moment fall,
In delicious summer
Of apples and skies
There they remain
In its protection
In books and in poems
Of old delicious summer
Of apples and skies

Harder it is to separate, too late
As of old twins, in their paths
And to capture them in elation
An old promise of the desert
Of butterflies and princesses!



5 thoughts on “CHARACTERS

  1. ‘Drinking of words to lessen the pain’ … lovely lovely expression …
    You’ve moulded words in to almost all the images one could think about … brilliant stuff …

    keep it going … you warrior of words … the dawn is always in sights while you are around …

  2. Why have you put butterfly and princess in the same line – what is the connection?

    Interesting write-up – philosophical too!

  3. Nadeen,
    An old memory from the desert when I used to dream about butterflies and princesses as a 6 year old in hospital bed…

    And philosophical sense, I will explain it hopefully tomorrow.

    Thanks to you, Aadil, Dfrucci, and Ayesha

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