Many thanks to Aadil, Ayesha, Nadeen, Murtaza, Nayni, Drfrucci for all your beautiful comments on all these different posts..

At times I may not be able to respond to all your comments but I have always respected your views and appreciation for new ideas which exists amongst all of us, around us, near and far..

Just been very busy at work. Also been working very rigorously with Imran Khan’s PTI in UK to galvanize some support and to change the mindset….Not an easy thing to convince all but the good news is lot of people are coming on board…

All that can be done through words, actions, mind, heart and soul I have opened myself up…I have completely forgotten the concept of time, still at my desk writing away on different issues and formalisation of political process and its thought into an organisation which lacks all the vital components of modernity, structure, and most importantly the programme how to turn a simple perception and need of of a common person into something meaningful, and practical…

Again once again, many thanks…



4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. You’re always welcome! I really appreciate your multi-dimentional capabilities and am impressed with the way you are striving for good. We are here to stand by you in your efforts for a just, peaceful and thriving pakistan.

    Best of Luck!

  2. Nadeen, Aadil thanks for all your kind words.

    I will do all what I can do and I know its not just me but you, and many others are striving for the same…We all have become part of this caravan and inshallah things will change….

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