The Last Morsel

As the sun begins to catch
Its glimpse, its own reflection
From adventures of the past,
Still there in the distance,
The old heat upon those souls,
Called yesterday, and our present
Created by our very own
The mankind and its turmoil
Eating away, the last morsel
Of dignity and pride, in silence.


7 thoughts on “The Last Morsel

  1. It is reality my friend, if one were to look at it. Reality goes far above the emotion which is created as a response

  2. These are hard times for optimists .. no matter how firm they are in their positivity, a glimpse of the reality and their dreams start crumbling. One ought to be a bit realistic as well in order to take practical steps to cure the aimliments one experiences. Too much optimism could be delusional.

    Nice piece kashkin!

  3. Lovely work!

    From the title I thought it’s about the ongoing wheat crisis… everytime I eat I feel God forbid that could be the last morsel. The government makes us feel we are having this terrible wheat shortage (as they have in Ethiopia. Then comes the sky rocketing prices for the poor.
    The cruel people are snatching the morsels from poor!

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