As I begin my journey into the world unknown,
Surrounded by angels, of mercy and affection
The old warmth as they whispers in my ears
The old words of peace and comfort
Spend here I, my moments and my life
As days changes into nights,
And nights into days
Hear I those footsteps, from near and far,
As the world rotates, in its axis
In its furnace and in its elation,
Here I am, in serenity and in my zone
In observation through glass and light
Not much I have to thank you
Only the words and my expressions
Not much I have, to thank you
For priceless time, and priceless you
Remain you will inside me,
Like an old promise, as I travel
Like those winds, from east to west
Remain you will inside me,
My friends, my angels, inside me
To witness, the perfection and harmony
To tell, that once, I saw
The angels of mercy and affection
In this world, in your world and mine!


8 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Angels do exist in my imaginary world but in reality they are very much elusive .. πŸ˜†
    You’re fortunate, man!
    A very nice poem! Quite touche!

  2. Nadeen
    That is for you to find out- they exist in all of us, in various forms and disguises..

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