The Cairo Trip

My friends near and far, Salaams.
Apologies for being absent for last 10 days or so as I was travelling in certain parts of the globe because of work commitments. Although I replied intermittently every now and then, but that was not suffice enough…
I came back to London last night from Cairo. Came back and then the first thing i had to do was to write a speech for my friend who wanted to present his local council for some development plans for London Olympics 2012..during my travels i have been reading your blogs, comments, observations, thoughts in union, thoughts in diversity, poetry, and all the other things which makes you what you are as individuals and as a group…..there is a specific Urdu term for that group “Yaren-e-tabish”
Just posted a poem in Urdu” chalow tou sahee” written at Cairo airport on chowk and on my blog..Strange it seems now the words that I want to describe and experiment is gone to Urdu.,…all the balance seems to have shifted..hahahah I guess that is what urdu does to you at times… Back in London, at my desk listening to this old song of lata from film “safar” hum they jin ke saharey…i remember listening to these songs when very young in train journeys to the deserts of Bahawalpur…….
Ayesha nice thoughts on various topics..i will comment….and that goes for all of your blogs…
As one travels from one portion of the world to another, as one depart from one terminal to another, there is always that becomes part of you…there is always something you leave behind…its amazing when you cross different boundaries, immersed in their own thousands mists, immersed in their own cultures and you just fly over them……thousands years of civilizations and few hours in those places…they become part of you…from tea-seller, shops, pyramids and to the people in the airports….each movement, each words they utter, gives away a reflection of their existence…..faces different, places different but needs remain the same….in rotation with these thoughts as this world rotates, sometimes you want to stop! sometimes you want to be part of this inertia, this inability to solve anything and sometimes you just want to become fluid like water, like intangible light to be able to creep into all those places, all those faces that have been left untouched, as their stories of their existence appear and falter in those routines… I guess I have written enough in order to say “Good morning friends”.


7 thoughts on “The Cairo Trip

  1. I agree with all that you said in the last para.

    Well written K!

    And when you said train journeys to the deserts in Bahawalpur don’t know why Rajhistan came to my mind 🙂

  2. Bahawalpur is part of Rajhistan, or it used to be..We call it cholistan and they “Rajhistan”….

    Thanks for your comments

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