Stroke of Insight

In conversation with an old friend,
Of changes, we experience
Of time, that creates the divides
In us and around us, at random
Inside and outside,
From faces of antiquity to modernity,
Remain they inside hidden
My trails to insanity and freedom
Of what I read and what I think
I have grown too old, perhaps
Whether I am needed or not
As it finds me in its gaze,
The old glory and my inquests
For who we are and where we belong
In there, somewhere, I know
I can play my part, I can contribute
Ways are many, just reach out

In conversation with an old friend
Remote and in nearness,
As words play havoc in dreams
As dreams captured, in jars of gold
Through paces of these constitutions
Of life and wisdom, and here I stand
Across all these oceans apart,
Find you will me one day,
This line of sight, inside me
As I play in what given to me
With these strokes of insight,
Hands you may see empty
But inside me this world
Its burdens; its treasures
In bindings with clay and soul
The old adventures into past
My trails to insanity and freedom!



4 thoughts on “Stroke of Insight

  1. hmm … I can’t stop loving it! So deep as it explores the world within and outside the physical body. We ought to have positive conversations in trying the explore avenues of wisdom aiming for the good of not only ourselves but for the larger interest of our societal and national self.
    Liked lines like ‘ ways are many, just reach out’
    and ‘As dreams captured in jars of gold’ …

    Go well!

  2. “I have grown too old, perhaps
    Whether I am needed or not”

    That sounds like a mid life crisis –

    everyone has a place in society – We should just try to give back to society a bit as well.

  3. Kashkin, i think you should remove your article about hounslow mosque from the website, its causing unneccesary blogs of whichwsome of the comments are really bad, talking about the imams wife etc etc, what are non muslims going to think

    please advise.,


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