Within My Reach

One day, I will cease to exist
For this world, a specific moment
A memory or perhaps nothing
To become what I became
From dust to dust, in my remains

Is this the end, to this beauty?
We call life or just the beginning
We cannot imagine or conjecture
That we once existed, as light
I thought I will never die
Remain I will immortal, only to find
This existence and me
Only a reflection, only a shadow
In this time, in this space,
In this grand design, out of our reach

Only within us, the divine moments
In our reach, the stitched memories
Frozen in world on the move,
Like butterfly’s wings, in the dreams
Amidst purity and beauty for a while
Longer these moments than whole life
It is in my nature, to rebel, and to accept
As I greet you, to take it away,
My soul, the journey back home
Millions of years now within my reach!



4 thoughts on “Within My Reach

  1. ‘Its very much Kahlil Gibranish’ to me.
    A lovely poem ‘looking eye in eye’ to the reality of death, as someone described it on chowk.

    Write more!

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