You are not my Leader

In darkness and in despair, my country and its people
Alone, so alone, like a morning mist in its existence
That goes unnoticed, that goes untouched
Not there many to heal, plenty to argue and offer
Words of future and talks of “we will bring change”
Our leaders and politicians at work, and in play

Forgotten they have all, their people and the promise
Of change, peace and action, in the distance remains
One after another, as we fall into this abyss
All we have now, the rage, muffled and echoes
Built from failures and deceit, from days and night
You are not my leaders, you are not my politicians
You are not my brother, you are not my sister

Too alienated this concept for you to understand
Me, my needs and my concerns, and this country
Walk upon that earth, where I die every day
From disease, hunger, poverty and your indifference
You will never understand the gap that exists
Between you and me, between life and death
You are not my leader, you are not my politician
You do not represent me, you represent yourself!



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