A World Apart 

Political satire to explore the relationship between our leaders and the people of Pakistan

You look great
In your clothes and in appearance
You look amazing
In your speeches and promise
You look beautiful behind doors
When alliances are forged
Your promises are enchanting
When delivered with a smile
Your days in the media relentless
Your nights spent in heresy
You know of all the problems,
In rhetoric and in fiction
You have all what it takes,
To become what you are
You have all the logic and wisdom,
Given and taken
You remain in view,
You negotiate well to follow
Your traits and your poison
You adapt well,
To change and orders from abroad
Your words are fluid,
Your works is art
You don’t need to learn from past,
You are our future
You spend your life,
To please and to appease
Your solutions and designs
Are to borrow and steal
You have great trademarks,
Of all the old aggressors
You forget well,
The signatures of peace and freedom
You are our leaders
In our worst, in our best

And We,
In our appearance, the poverty and hunger
In our appearance, the promise and fiction
From years of our existence to our present
In despair and in pain, in our silence
To you we appear ugly and of no use
To you we have no worth and importance
In our simplicity lies the promise and hope
Yes we have elected you, as always we do,
We are simple; we do not understand
Logic and wisdom, and all your traits
You are too few, we are so many
You have all, we have only hope
Now only the rage, our last option
At our disposal, at our mercy
You say it’s a dream but for us a reality
The days of revolution and change
You and us, a world apart!



2 thoughts on “ A World Apart 

  1. You forget to add…

    And I so like the new colour of your HAIR!!!

    just kidding…thats for Geo to point out 😉

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