In politics
We will spend time,
As it has no value and worth
Time, they all say and talk
For reforms and consensus
Time for change and peace
Time it will take them to destroy
All what it has in the past?
The abusive and corrupt
This time, where we all wait
For one to go, for next to come
On borrowed time,
We put our faith and hopes
Imagine, when visited
By angel of death
What will you say?
Time, I bet
Will you get it?



10 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hey K – we have new kid in the group – Waqar – does he know about the nick name ritual – we call call him Vicky….what do you think – so visit his blog – most interesting stuff in there!

  2. If he is happy with being called “Vicky”, then Vicky it is. Although, I think he should just be called “W”…
    I have visited his blog and its very nice…good composition of thoughts, dispersed….

  3. We wont call him Vicky – its was the name of a babysitter in a cartoon we follow on cartoon network πŸ˜›

    Just a thought…Waqas is fine…

  4. This is our attempt to get the concept of “naming” as an olympic event as well..you never know.I sure, Pakistanis could do lot better in this considering in the other sports the chances are pretty minimal.

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