The Beast

Kill we each other and ourselves
Every day, minute and second
Bow down we to Almighty
But remains in us, this beast
Of ignorance, and ill feelings
As we create God and religion
Every day, minute and second
Too hard to understand and learn
From the book and the prophet

Prey we are to those words
Of scholars and preachers
That ignites passion and hatred
We have become the beast
Hostage our humanity and our souls
As it kills freely, in the name of religion
Every day, minute and second!


One thought on “The Beast

  1. Very well written!!

    I’ve seen these beasts….They offer prayers five times in a day , even tahajud but when time comes to practice the real soul of Islam they turn to ‘hinduism’ … They kill their daughters if they want to live life of their own choice… they tag mosques according to their own beliefs… they distribute ‘palaces’ in heaven among their own followers and give fatwa of ‘kufar’ about the people THEY DON’T LIKE. They will never talk about the unity of muslim ummah but will keep on arguing what should be the length of Miswak. They never teach to do struggle in life and to make lives of people easy but they only advice to do WAZAIF. . .

    They are real beast!!!

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