5 Minutes-Part I

Few moments in your presence,
Let’s hop from one pond to another
Like a frog, like a butterfly
Around the world, out of this world
From literature to wisdom
From art to history
From economics to wars
Let’s go places, unknown
Only in minds, of you and mine
From mountains to deserts
In single swoop of time
And deep in your slumber you ask
Where am I in this world?
In your presence, the world is you!


6 thoughts on “5 Minutes-Part I

  1. Thanks Asma…

    I have always been in love with the deserts..hence the metaphor arrives in its various forms and disguises

  2. I LOVE desert….
    By the way your this poem has reminded me of ‘THE SUN RISING’ and ‘THE GOOD-MORROW’ by John Donne 🙂 janey kion hehehe

  3. I like the mountains and the sea – the mountains have good weather, and I can put my feet in the water in the sea – thats fun 🙂

    Desert is hot an humid – and gives me asthma – dust allergy!

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