The Desert Song

I am back in the old desert
Filled with dust and anger,
This open horizon
Naked and lonely in its soul
O stranger, here you are
As I hear the distant song
Friend you were once,
As you travelled from east to west
Inside in your veins, the sand

Remember I danced for you,
Through shadows and mystic souls
With inhabitants of light and moon
As it found me, as I found them
Traversing this ocean again
From long time,
The need to remember sane
No longer the art
No longer the memory
No longer the need
No longer the time

This vast expanse,
The old trail of caravans
As I see existence in the reflection
Now back to civilization
And claims of possession upon me
All cleaned, and all forgotten
The old adventures and its muse

Only the sand, still in my shoes
O Stranger, as I hear the distant song
I was your oasis and you were mine
The old songs of the desert lost in its dunes
You will return one day, like the old night
With your caravans and inhabitants of light!



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