Nearer those Dreams

As we move from one place to another,
Our imprints remain, in time and space
Of all those conversations and interactions
Humanity we learn and humanity we abuse
The greater we kill, rewarded we are more

As we move further from one to each other
These strong notions of ours and indifference
As we become recipients to weakness
In death and sorrow, in life and promise
And we forget, those old lessons of history

As we move further from our own being
From light and purity to darkness and despair
Ask these questions, at random and in need
Too many the failures, of past and present
The mayhem that created you and me!

As we move in moments unknown
Created by the leaders of our own
Of past and present, of near and far
Nearer those dreams of roses and peace
Only the question, too difficult to follow
Of change and progression and of peace
Will you bring it or me, or us all?



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