The Marriot Blast

Another barbaric act thrust upon poor citizens of Pakistan…People with their lives lost, injuries, and families in grief.

The whole psychological profile of us as a nation has been changed in past 9 years gradually. US government has to protect their interest and for that they will go to any lengths, whether to gather the support for Republicans or the underlying agenda (which are pretty visible) to have them controlling the region and the list carries on….we are there friends, but for how long?
Pakistan as a country has lots of choices to make, and the right ones in order to see off this menace we have brought inside our homes in the name of fighting others wars that is how it started off and which now has become ours.
The choices that are to be made are simple but to carry them out will require an element of will power strong as steel. The question is can we as a nation do that? Are our leaders able to see this? Can they align with the perceptions of the nation?
]THE ANSWER IS NO. I do not see any evidence of that…so far….All I see is governance carried out in the media, rhetoric and all what the modern nations of the world threw away when they become democratic…
Our leaders believe in the “politics of handouts”.
I heard some commentator saying we have gone back to the days of medieval Islam..Obviously the commentator did not realize the period he referred to as medieval Islam was actually the dark years in the Europe…and medieval Islam if he had any knowledge was the period of Islamic civilization in all aspects of life- from medicine, literature to science.
This is something new…For years the intellectuals in the west, the policy makers in all those think tank groups from left, right to centre have been wanting to achieve…they have created the perfect follower of Islam…a terrorist…it existed in books, in strategy papers, in propaganda films, and all the other mediums available to them but now a physical perfection…..bomb blasts, al Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban and so forth…
All I can say is May Allah have mercy on our souls; and our leaders can understand, see and feel that pain and anguish which every common person goes through 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


2 thoughts on “The Marriot Blast

  1. Kashkin, I surprise everyday there are suicides attacks. Still our govt fail to analyse that actually what are factors behind it? I can’t agree that this is only PPT who are responsible for this.Ithink some crocodiles are behind all this destruction.First we should fix our enemies then only we can fight against this terrorism.

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