Cockroaches of Disruption

As announcements are made,
Through hurried conversations,
Here and there, in ramblings
Follows them the media like shadows
To cover turmoil, and disarray
As they shatter, the old hopes
For progression of justice and freedom
Little do they understand?
The vision and its ideology
These cockroaches of disruption

Lack of understanding
On matters of state and life
Our biggest enemy, their incompetence
With us, from days of our creation
To dismantle, to play havoc, to disrupt
The process of peace, the process of change
As the deal are struck, as deal are brokered
Through rumors and disobedience
To the nation, the silent witness

As they make a mockery of our times
Through lack of concern and for emptiness
A great disrespect, to the decision and validity
The constitution and for the nation
As they form, from one party, thousand pieces
As they lead us towards madness and derision
Dissolve them, remove them, and obliterate
I hear the distant cry, the last match still there

Light it; there may still be enough to ignite
The fire amongst us our souls
There are still few, who understand
As the voices gather, to witness
Never will they surrender, never will they bow!



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