Story of a Medal

I have seen
Too many places
In darkness and in light
Near and far,
In memory and out
For many reasons
Some just and some created
Through betrayals and promise
Through thick and thin
The old battles and wars
Once fought for you
The glory and expansion
I have wounds
Deep and sharp
Remained you with me
In disguise and in full

There I remained at times,
My old self and existence
In trenches and in pain
As we chanted slogans
Of brotherhood and change
As we sung in magic and splendor
Of old times and mermaids
Of those long starry nights
In reflection and in conversation
Of what I left behind
The ones who loved
And the love I left behind
I was the dream you carried
In all your life, in all your words

And now gone
The times and its inhabitants
Empty I am like pirate’s vessel
From those mechanics and duty
Up for sale, up for grab
My story and my existence
They ask “what price will I fetch”
Few shillings or a dime
I hear the hammer and the wood
As I hear the price of my existence

There was a time once
When I travelled far
With Alexander and with Salahuddin
From the East to the West
In mountains and in deserts
In places of culture and destruction
Never will you know my worth
I was once the whole civilization
An empire, a time of my own
Do not squander this dime or shilling
Let me rest as I have travelled far!



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