In My Disappearance

The world and its mechanics
Offer all its splendour and vacuum
In comes, the noise
Of our own makings
The cultures, beliefs and morals
Lives lead from these tenets
The rights and wrongs
To serve us, to serve them
The inculcation of existence
Played out on these stage
Of life, convoluted and intoxicated

Away from all this, these comforts
Gained and forsaken,
The intangible times and essence
Remain I in the desert, distant now
Away from all this,
As I disappear into the ocean
To become part and to rid
Myself from this noise,
Outside and inside
As unnoticed betrayals in war
Played out, in times of peace

Away from all this, I disappear
Into eternal light that forms us
Away from all this and mayhem
Words will not reach me,
The news I will never hear
Of all the despair and pain
Only in rumours, you will hear me
Inside out, outside inside, this noise
One day you will write for me,
And for you I write, in my disappearance!



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