The Capitalism

In times, good and green
Share we will the rewards
Amongst few and chosen

In times, hard and pale
Share we will with you all
The pain of our creation!



4 thoughts on “The Capitalism

  1. WE ourselves make life painful for US – God never intended man to be unhappy – We force the self destruction on ourselves, and for what???

    What did the Pharoahs of Egypt achieve in their lifetimes??? One needs to read the Quran for details.

    Man never learns from history – Thats the saddest part of all.

  2. A worthy literature is the one which encapsulates the times it is created in. I like the relevancy of your poetry to the changing tides of history. There definetly are signs emerging of the collapse of the capitastic system.
    I guess Islam holds the best of all the financial systems the world has seen.

    You used the economy of words to embody such a huge subject in this nice little poem 🙂

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