Suicide Note (Part 2): The Golden Bridge

As life walks past,
Upon this golden bridge,
Symbols of our past
In distance, of unity and strength
From promise of slogans
Of “roti, kapra and makan”
To dazzling boards enshrined
Of our failures and mistakes,
Words golden and enticing
Of change and of progression
In hurry and in quarters,
This wave of humanity
In conflict or in peace,
In meanderings of their mind

Holding onto these rails,
In complete removal and silence
In peace and an ocean of smile
A beautiful woman and two angels
In patterns strange and exotic
In view, by us all and by none
A bridal dress upon her skin
Last few breaths, one last look
One last glimpse of life
Of its warmth and of its indifference
To end the beat, to become a bird

Will we ever find the answers?
To the questions, in her life
The first impulse
The first instinct,
As they will see, this act of fusion
Like the old traces of fire,
Upon ignition and reaction

As we stand there, me and you
Tied up in routines of our existence
For some, remains a lifetime to enjoy
And for her, the last moment
As she jumps this from that bridge
And two angels, with her in green

Sudden and instantaneous,
Pronounced dead, all gone,
Her beautiful dress in red
In blended with her blood,
Hands clenched in tight grip
An old note, the suicide note
To hold onto death
The only possession in sight
Creased and long,
Carefully written,
In a beautifully writing,
No names, no address
All left behind, all left behind,
As life walks past,
In hurry and in quarters

There lies the woman,
Her beauty and life
And two angels,
As the evening begins to draw,
Few silent stares, few broken conversations,
Few shots in black and white as I hear the clicks,
Cleansed they have the place, time to go home

There on the spot,
Still there, an old note
By this golden bridge, as she fell
The letters of her life,
In an instance of time, taken
Torn apart, as witnessed by all present
With symbols of our greed and indifference
Where once she lived and reasons
That torn her apart in seconds of our existence!



7 thoughts on “Suicide Note (Part 2): The Golden Bridge

  1. Very very sad – Is this based on a true story?

    As far as social reality is concerned, first a mother seldom commits suicide, and second she would rather die herself than see harm come to her children.

    I am sure this is about a political concept – I just wanted to point out the social aspect of this poem as it hit me, since you know how mush research I do on social behavior in society 🙂

  2. Asma,
    Yes, it is based on a true story..stories that we tend to ignore and forget. I know “suicide” is harram in Islam and I am afraid in this situation mother had no choice either for herself or for her children. I am not advocating but highlighting these facts. Infact, it was the only situation she had full control as all the rest of the options available to her werent there. And here, its not the Islam at fault, but we as a nation, our institutions, governance methods, indifference that exists in the society and all these elements which suffocated her and the life she was leading.

    your comment:
    As far as social reality is concerned, first a mother seldom commits suicide, and second she would rather die herself than see harm come to her children.

    Isnt social reality the way we live and interact…If that is the case, and if the very concept of living and interaction is denied, then what does an individual have?

    In biological reality, yes no mother would harm her children as an accepted standard or norm but its different here.

    And lastly this was written neither from a political or a social concept but basically from a human concept……a human stuck in a situation where there is no way out…what will you tell that person? Will the words like “It is harram in Islam” stopped her- I dont think so. It was simply a rage which drove her, a change in her psychological profile…

    Political concept on its own is meaningless..Why hunger and poverty has become a political concept rather than a fact which we need to accept and do something about it..

  3. Do you know why she killed her children along side her – She was helpless to save them in life, and there was no one to save them once she was gone – So she took them with her – as a mother always does – She never leaves a child behind 🙂

    I dont think it was rage that drove her – It was a desperate realisation that one day her children will suffer the same fate she faced – so she decided that death was a better option for all of them than life – At least it would end their suffering.

    I do understand you know – just, its the hopelessness of life that somtimes tries to suck me too into its dark depths – So, I say – Allah mian ji – lets meet up over a chapter of the Holy book 😛

    A person who has the support of Allah and Quran in their hand are lucky most of the time to be able to fight out the darkness and come back to life.

    Those who dont are normally not that lucky!

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