The Disease called “Indifference”

There is no cure for indifference
It kills, it maims, it destroys, it breeds
Flows like blood in our veins and existence
Benefit we cannot neither from past or future
As we see tombs built from its marble and wood
Neither the locksmith can unlock or the scholar
Like an old disease it roams in our land

See we all day our morals and ethics
As it shackles the conscience, in me and you
As we destroy ourselves through its mechanics
Indifference has no cure, it offers us no peace
Conscience is far away, like flown away birds
Remain in view, the old excuses and of drama
Build we houses to protect our siblings and progeny
Built have we nothing, only the hollow pride
Of progression and of change as we beg

In this barren and dry land, only the heart
That aches all we see, all we live, all we breathe
Of no use living in the past, only we can learn
Open up, through tolerance and understanding
Contribute through wisdom and from action
Disappear it will, as night dissolves into light
to the edge of world, in liberation, in peace!



6 thoughts on “The Disease called “Indifference”

  1. The last paragraph is full of light and hope – its optimistic – good write up!

    Wait till Aadi reads it – he gives best reviews 🙂

  2. To me the cure of the this disease lies in the last stanza 🙂
    Diagnosis is the first step to cure any disease and your poetry has all the diagnostic qualities to point out the ills of the society plus the remedies are always there in your poems to stirr even the most stubborns of conscience.

    Keep them coming!
    Have a nice day!

  3. I don’t know Kashkin when we’ll cure these diseases, they whole nation is advancing toward ruin.
    Kash ham yeh samjh jain and start curing.

  4. Good review as usual Aadi – And MZ – Hum khup khup ke khatam ho jaein ge – koi faraq padhta nazar aa hi nahin raha bhai! 😦

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