Questions & Answers

Questions are asked for change,
Opinions that raise doubt and more
As the evening withdraws itself
From the shadows
Of the day and its carnage
Are we nearer to those moments?
Drawn and fabricated for progression

So where is that change
How long we are to remain
In hope for others to come
It’s us, who need to change,
It’s for us to become nation’s history
To bring voices from all quarters
To be heard, to be acted

We all know of the problems
We have all tried the old fruits
It’s time to say NO, and move
Protection we need from ourselves
The problem not others, we are

And in us, lies, the answer for all
We must change, we must change
But hear you not your own voice,
Only the noise from distant lands
Sweet and tempting, as you fall!



6 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. It is a good sign that now all of us don’t want to wait for a change but want to be the part of that change… InshaAllah WE will bring the change !!!

  2. Hmm – what if the ones we dont want around heard the voices from abroad and decided to leave pakistan and move out – that would clean the place up!

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