Response to Comments on Pak Tea House on Thomas Friedman’s Article

We felt the sorrow for Mumbai attacks in the same manner as we feel for what happens in Pakistan but this does not mean we feel apologetic and come out on the streets to protest considering when full facts of this event haven’t even been made public other than random incidences on the media and pointing fingers at people and institutions. If they are involved, then surely they need to be punished, whether the people involved are from Pakistan or from India. It’s not that we do not protest. The whole nation protested over judiciary issue, we protested over what happened in Iraq and in Lebanon.

Also the point I wanted to make was that we need to understand the root causes of this phenomena as well. It’s no good jumping on the bandwagon and start raising slogans and blame game. Pakistan, like any other country has its fair share of issues and concerns, be it political or social. There is a never day that goes past when Pakistan is not in the news. Same goes for India as well. India has taken great pride in promoting this sense of democracy and the rest and yet when it comes to seeing those democratic principles and its application towards Pakistan, they seem to conveniently ignore and forget.

Never have I remembered an incidence where India has actively made an effort to resolve any of the issues that have been taken to UN, water, trade and the list goes on. Why it is Pakistan always have to make amends and appear apologetic just because we have problems internal and external some by our own makings and some by the world for their own gains and interests.
The other thing that comes to mind that it’s not Pakistan harping on issues of India but India itself which has wasted no time and effort to promote this sense of indifference and blame game  to the wider community. We need a peaceful region and for that there has to be an active responsibility on both partners. It’s not difficult a concept which cannot be comprehended or understood.

As far as someone pointed out that its Pakistan who created Talibanisation and whole host of terror outfits in Pakistan, then I am afraid you really have to dig deep to realize America played a very active role in creation of these elements  which everyone tags it as if Pakistan were solely responsible. It’s the same western writers and columnists that wrote profusely, effortlessly to praise those people as Mujahedeen’s fighting their war to defeat the Red Armies of Soviet Union and its break up. As we all know what happens when there is a war; what followed from that war was a simple, psychological reaction. . Pakistan took million of refugees as a result of this war with Soviet Union. This ISI and all that follows take its mark from those days my friends.

To fight terrorism, fight the inherent beliefs and conspiracies theories which need to be eradicated. This belief that exists in India and the whole world, that Pakistan needs to be Balkanized otherwise this world will not be a safe place. What an absurd idea to make and propagate? Pakistan is not trying to Balkanize India or breaks it into little provinces? So why this need on India’s part whether the media, policy makers in alliance with neocons and the rest to have this view. Wow, what a way to apply charter of democracy and all its obligations by creating instability in these regions and then blaming everything on Pakistan. Why have never said that Hinduism and Christianity have its roots in terrorism. So why label Islam and terrorism as one. This is where the problem begins.

And to all those people engaged in supporting Friedman stating he is not hawkish and the rest. Well the simple answer to that is, read his article again and many of what he has written before. The underlying meaning in his articles and columns are derogatory and without much substance. Freedom of speech and action doesn’t necessarily mean that you remove yourself from the responsibility of knowing what is right and wrong. Words need to be utilized effectively and for benefit of humanity not to take sides and generate this false sense of euphoria that all we do in Pakistan is wrong.

In the end, people who lost their lives in Mumbai were same like me and you if you remove the fabric of religion and countries. The innocent blood was spilled as it has been spilled in Kashmir, as in Lebanon, as in Congo and the rest of the African nations for different ideologies and its purpose, as the blood has been spilled in Palestine, Chechnya, in all those places. Innocent people lost their lives belonged to all religions. I felt the same pain and anguish as I felt when people in Marriot and all the other places in Pakistan lost their lives. It was not their fault. The fault lies with us as individuals, as society and as states where we fail to appreciate the underlying problems that have existed in our society. It’s that we need to understand that it’s that deep and hidden human psychological profile that undergoes a strange transformation when the very justice and humanity they deserve is taken away from them. It’s not the religion and it’s definitely not ISLAM that creates this but it’s the politics we engage and in the manner we engage. It’s those things we lose when we follow blindly others in the name of interest and democracy and all which becomes apparent when those events have taken place. The root of the problem and its cause you may want to argue lie in Pakistan but if you think it clearly it resides in the corridors of Capitol Hill in Washington.



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