The Snow (In London)






12 thoughts on “The Snow (In London)

  1. Amazing photos K! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing them. I have been reading about snow in UK. Hope you all are fine.

  2. Thanks All.
    @ BMK. no hard work in creation of snow man..just couple of mins of snow gathering, two oranges, sticks, an old scarf and an empty bottle of milk to create surrealistic effect.

    As Asma suggested, this snow man definitely needs some work….
    jeans in the snow…hahahaha…I am not good with selection of attire with respect to weather patterns….sub chalta hai…

    aadil…yes….pakol….swatti, gilgitti, and any other topees from those parts are the ones I wear….

    Thanks Raza for making an apperance from distant times….:)

    Cav said smart…cigarettes, squash,poetry and constantly on the move helps….waysay mei aub mota hona ka sooch raha houn……nayni tandoor kee baat kur rahee thee…

  3. cigarretes, squash & constantly on the move are my kind of things too — only that my vagrant status is restd to Pakistan at present 😉 If you ever visit Bwp, tell me and we’ll play squash !! 😉

  4. yeh pics tu mae ne dekhi hee nahi hahahahahahaha

    Myra veer tae barra sohna tae smart ae jee 😛 😉

    Aur ub mae imagine kar rahi hon KB in Kurta , Tehmand and Pug ..sitting on rangeeli charpai and taking kash of Huqqa … hahahahahahahahahahaha……….

    Ub village aana hae tu aysi pic zaror bunwani hae . ok???? 😛

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