Against Us

As this world creates
It’s evil and designs
To create a havoc
In our lands, in our people
What do we do?
Shall we give up?
Or carry on
Through this metamorphosis
Of resurrection and change

Time will come,
When voices will be there
To hear to what we say
To think what we think
I may not be there but
You will be,
My friends, the generation
Not born yet, not there

But one day, you will see
The old names and glory days
When light broke free
From the years of darkness and clouds!



4 thoughts on “Against Us

  1. I really needed this one to reinvigorate my spirits when I’m feeling very down, of late.

    These words won’t go wasted. They will echo in the corridors of history of our dear Pakistan whenever there will be a talk of optimistic and patriotic literature. Said this, I’ve no qualms in saying that the scope of your poetry ranges beyond the national borders to the whole of humanity.

    Keep enlightening!

  2. This one is a classic, sir ! 🙂
    And i’ve written it down in my diary — without permission of course …

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