The Calligraphy Years

Summoned they were in the name of renaissance
From the bazaars of Damascus to the valleys of Nile
The civilization that flowed like rivers into the earth
In hands of the artists and in words of the scholars

In bloom, the years of the thirst for wisdom
As the birds flock seasons of spring
Dispersed in thousands years, the old effect
The years of the art, the years of formation

Upon those stones that we stumble, remain in place
The hands that created, the words that have shaped
Remain in there, the few, the quest in them deep
From years of roaming, from years of toil

Still in reflection, we see the endeavor and its effect
Like the shifts in the sand, from the caravans of past
Hear I the voices, the lands of the old, of its music
From the bazaars of Damascus to the valleys of Nile.



3 thoughts on “The Calligraphy Years

  1. This was inspired by Cav’s posts on calligraphy and representation of those old and famous lines..” poets are shameless ……”

  2. Aww….your poem is much too sublime a work to have been inspired by an ordinary attempt at calligraphy !
    Poets are shameless though — that I still maintain, as I’m a fan of Mr. Friedrich — for if they werent, we would not have such great works as we get to read today, eh?
    As for this poem: It’s a great tribute ! πŸ™‚

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