Long March Poem: Part 1- Gathering of a Storm


Arrival of a dawn of this new beginning
As the nation march, with prayers and hope
In preparation, the state and its machines
In preparation, the nation and its voice
Brings them together, the old oppression
The muffled rage from years of existence
In the old corridors, in the old avenues
The city of green, the city of conceit
Walk with me, the annals of tomorrow
The only chance to witness your present
Witness this place, where history is made.

Long live the justice, long live those voices
Imprinted and inside, in hands and in souls
No longer the concern where it will take
The old fate, the old destiny and its effect
From years of sleep; from years of its demise
As the clock strikes its decisions on the wall,
In oblivion they reside, in oblivion they perform
The old routines, the old disease of greed
Time to remove, the old despair and stigma
Never will we stop, never will we rest
For our tomorrow, for justice and freedom

Trade we will not, this promise of change
Trade we will not, our conscience and soul
Rise my friends through these moments of time,
Of choices we have and all that remains
As each step gathers a pace, in silence in formation
As each pace gathers a storm, in its existence
The voices of Kurd and voices of suffering
The wakeup call, for our tomorrow
In this hour of decision, what will we do?
Not enough, this participation from the corner
Time to settle, the old matters,
Will you stop me, my brothers and my sisters?
What will you do, it’s only the voice
It’s only the truth, no options left

I am this prisoner of conscience, free me
From this burden of pain and of responsibility
As these steps of distant past gather in its storm
No longer the need to forget, they are all with them
Not alone in their voices, not alone in their anguish
As this storm gathers its might, walk with us
Journey hard and long, and sacrifices infinite
But if only you walk, if only you stay
Bring me the justice my friends, in our sufferings
From all who thought, from all who predicted
We cannot afford, we cannot carry
No longer the hostage, no longer the victim
The hour to decide, where will you remain?

The old euphoria of revolution, the old perfume
As lines are drawn, as hands are joined
In unity we will perform, the miracles
In thousands, we will march, for change
Hear you will my friends, not far away
The days of change and nights of comfort
Walk with me, as each step gathers its storm

As each step gathers a storm, in the unblinking eyes
Cross we will these thousand obstacles,
See me; I am still there, in this circle of friendship
As the hour of decision not far away, the justice
For you and me, as the light begins to whisper
Remember, we will never surrender or weaken
Our promise, or slogan, only our right we ask
In these long avenues of green, in the city of conceit

As each step gather a beat, a beat into a storm
As the colors emerge from thousand nights
Remember this place, remember these roars
History, the unforgiving friend, for our tomorrow
Don’t look back, remove those shackles
Of our conscience and our past, in me
My silence is gone; my voices are you
Revolution will come; we are not alone
Look at them, as these winds carry this storm
Of our conscience, of our souls, of our roars
You may forget me, you may discard me
But history will not, it will see my blood
It will hear my voice, as it pierces the sky
I WAS THERE, for change and for freedom
I WAS THERE, for you and myself
One day in distant future, you will understand!



One thought on “Long March Poem: Part 1- Gathering of a Storm

  1. Wow!! Thats such a thunderous poem!! It roars, it paces to form a storm to shatter the shackles of imprisoned conscience! It certainly will have an impact on whoever reads it.


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