Long March Poem: Part 3, Place in History


In all these years in our memory
In all these moments in our sight
Never that rapture or passion
Never there was a moment
To unite for purpose and oppression
To break this silence, to protest
For our rights, until now
As the moments are drawn,
Towards you, towards me,
Remember, it’s time to choose
For principles and for justice
It’s this passion brings us together
There will come a time
To remind us of our duty and responsibility
To remind us to forget our differences
Dissuading options and situations
Stand there we will, to remind,
No longer will we forget
You my friends, you my nation
We will return, again and again
Arise, earned you have,
A place in history, a place in time
In songs, in words, in books
In scholar’s ink, in martyr’s blood!



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