Section 144


Nothing remained in view
Of those draconian measures
The apparatus of the state
And the will of the few,
Glued onto the old disease
Of greed and power

From the avenues of power
Deployed they section 144,
To stop and to arrest,
The human conscience
And will of millions
As the roads were blocked
The conscience in cage,
But still enough remained
To carry those words,
To proclaim, to shout
“We are not dead”
“We are not dead”

Surfaced now,
The moments of truth
Walk we will, to restore,
Our pride and self esteem
Ours it is, this time and place
The historical process and our part
Glory you may take in the name
Of past and of your deliberations
But it is us, the history we made,
The people, the forgotten nation

Cannot you imprison or impose
The media and the voice of the nation
Cannot we remain in fear and in weakness
The drops of our blood now the marks
Of revolution, of change and progression!



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