The Yellow House


Background noise,
of the chinese bells,
still objects made from,
butterflies and seas
story of existence
and the questions
in silence,
they say ” do not disturb”
Here lies the dreams,
across those streets of life,
in the yellow house,
in perfection, with
picture of ocean and
messengers of destruction,
the howling winds,
of times and ignorance,
clearing away,
the yellow house!


2 thoughts on “The Yellow House

  1. Sir to be very honest, as muc as I liked reading it — and I actually read it thrice — I didnt understand it.
    Now call me stupid or anything but explain it to me.
    I love the title for reason unknown to me and the pic is great too.

  2. 🙂 no worries Cav.
    I will add this to the ever growing list of poems to be explained. I have now train 9110, the pyramid makers and now the Yellow House.

    I shall put the explanations on “poetry unplugged”.

    I Hope you are doing well. I guess you are back in Bahawalpur.

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