Sulphuric Acid


She once had a face
but all gone,
The whole thing so insane
As the pain crawls itself
To peel off her reflection
in the rain..

She once had a dream
but all gone,
The whole thing so insane
Alone in her room
to perform the routines
to catch her shawdows
in its pain.

She once learnt to love
but all gone
The whole thing so insane.
she stands by her painting
like the dead, eaten away
in the grave,
alive in her veins.

She used to speak
but all gone
The whole thing so insane
Now only the  voices
around her
not to say a word
as her mind enrages
like a train

She once  had a life
but all gone
The whole thing so insane
Tries she hard,
to learn again and to forgive
her murderer,
asleep in her grave
without a shame.


8 thoughts on “Sulphuric Acid

  1. Intense imagery!!
    I’m glad for your efforts to portray the ills of our society through the art you possess in abundance.

    A very effective poem!

  2. She learnt to accept the evils of life – that is what most of us do – we become too tired fighting life off, so we give in and let it swallow us into its immense darkness.


    Good Write up and very good picture added to the post!

  3. Very intense, Kashkin! I’m sure each person can relate to this in one way or the other. You’ve painted the truth of life so boldly with your words.

    PS: Love the image; it goes well with the poem.

  4. @ Asma,

    Thanks..I am afraid this is how individuals break and one of the major reasons is when the society has broken like that. If society holds onto its moral, social and religious values, then individuals who are part of that society can still hold onto their dignity and composition.But if there are cracks within the society, then the very individual victim of these crimes finds no source of comfort or confidence and slips away into darkness.

    @ Cav,
    Thanks! Good ole Al Pacino from a brilliant film…

    @ Nadia

    Simply, thank you…

  5. Hmm – good point – but if an individual is strong and fights back – one person can change society – Quaid-e-Azam did just that – He changed the map of the Sub continent. He was thin and weak to look at but had the will of a mountain! 🙂

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